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Playing Favorites: “The Office”

After eight seasons, it is challenging to narrow down “The Office” to just a few favorite episodes. After all, every show blends the absurd with the every day. From Jim and Pam’s romance to Michael Scott’s definition of management and Dwight being Dwight, “The Office” is classic to many and is the epitome of enjoyable awkward television.

The best episode of all is, of course, due to a Jim and Dwight introduction that is funny no matter how many times you see it. In the opening of season three’s “Product Recall,” Jim casually begins impersonating Dwight perfectly, complete with a cloned ensemble that put him back a whole $11. How either of them, or anyone else in the office, for that matter, managed to keep a straight face long enough to get a useable take is a mystery.

Season two’s “Booze Cruise” shows Michael at his finest, struggling to gain control of the ship and party, even after busting out his best dance moves. It is one of the finer, more painfully awkward episodes and any time the crew is out of the office is a treat. At the same time, there is a glimpse of lucidity in Michael when he and Jim share a chat about Pam and Michael offers advise that Jim will actually take. Moments like that are rare enough to be cherished.

In season four, Michael and Jan invite people over to their condo in “Dinner Party.” The ensuing evening is so awkward and inappropriate, from Jan’s assistant singing in the background to Dwight and his childhood babysitter date, Michael’s bench bed to Pam smuggling food in the hallway. The episode probably had everyone calling their loved ones “babe” and humming Hunter’s song in the shower.

Jim and Pam’s wedding in season six’s “Niagara” (parts 1 and 2) was romantic and typical “Office.” After years of office flirting, being separated by Pam’s art school program, and an almost elopement, they finally get married. Their wedding weekend is full of announced unplanned pregnancies, an injured scrotum and Pam’s worst nightmare coming true when her mother and Michael meet. Jim and Pam still get their moment while their coworkers get their time to shine to the tune of Chris Brown’s “Forever.”

“Cafe Disco” from season five has it all – disco, dance contests and Dwight giving Phyllis a massage like he does for injured horses. What else is there to say? Talk about just another productive day at Dunder Mifflin.

Most people probably agree that “The Office” without Michael Scott is definitely missing something. That is why his farewell from “Goodbye, Michael” in season seven has to be on the list of favorite episodes due to its perfection –sentimental, true to Michael’s character and classic down to the last line. In the end, after asking to be notified if the documentary ever airs, his final words are “That’s what she said” after removing the microphone. It was a bittersweet end.

Now, that is only a sample and everyone has their favorites for different reasons. Both the actors and writers make it a show we know and love. Learn more about developing writing skills such as these and perhaps become another B.J. Novak through writing classes at Guide To Online Schools. For now, we will keep watching, laughing, and waiting for the documentary to come out.

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